Incredible Best Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok as the capital of Thailand is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists in recent years. Many tourists who do not hesitate to travel in Bangkok to explore every unique and fun tourist spots. In addition to the amazing Bangkok Travel Destination, there is notoriously cheap so travelers can shop, culinary and around the city of Bangkok without having to worry about running out of money. Here’s a three things to do inBangkok include Bangkok tourist attraction list, the best street foods and place to visit which may be included in your list of destinations.


  1. First, come to Khao San Road

Tourist attractions that can satisfy travelers are on Khao San Road because everything that is traded there is really affordable. Do not be surprised if you get to this road view will also be directed to many tourists outside there; they even come from different countries. For those who are still curious about the advantages of Khao San Road, here’s what you can get in this place: cheap lodging, what to eatin Bangkok (cheap culinary and include street food), souvenir stalls, clothes, bags, cheap shoes and accessories, spa, bar, and many others. A variety of places and services as well as various merchandise would certainly make tourists excited about exploring all corners of Khao San Road. It is only advisable to visit this place in the evening only because when the sun has set the area will start crowded.


  1. Visit Favorite Sights, Siam Ocean World

If there is a chance to vacation in Bangkok, the tourist destination in Bangkok is Siam Ocean World which became one of the most favorite attractions can’t to be missed. There are a variety of advantages offered by this place that can be considered by tourists to come and vacation here. Throughout in Southeast Asia, Siam Ocean World is known as the largest aquarium and a variety of marine animals totaling more than 30 thousand are in Siam Ocean World. There are various types of aquariums whose theme was deliberately designed differently between one type with another type of aquarium.

In addition to tourists who bring children, there is a playground that can be visited in Siam Ocean World is so this place is more appropriate to visit for family holidays. Siam Ocean World party also makes an event every half hour, among others, feeding penguins, feeding sharks, and others. To enjoy the variety of beauty in the aquarium as well as events made in this place, tourists simply ride the BTS and upon arrival at Siam Station can go straight down there. This tour starts operating at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. About the cost, simply prepare 750 Baht.


  1. Hunting for Cheap Souvenirs and Foods in Chinatown

Chinese settlements exist in various countries in Asia. In Bangkok there is Chinatown which is the residence of the Chinese community precisely on Yaowarat Street and in the end the place became one of the famous tourist spots in Bangkok. For those who like to shop for Chinese stuffs and hunt for foods, this activity can be done as much as possible at Chinatown bangkok tourist destinations. All kinds of things can be found in Chinatown, not just culinary variety that can be tasted, but accessories, fabrics, to a variety of automotive spare parts and various toys can be obtained when visitors are traveling around this Chinatown area. It would be great if tourists are looking for a gold sales center located in Bangkok, Chinatown is the place. However, this area is not a fitting place for shopping clothes and everything related for fashion.